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(n) massive fecal residual
(adverb) eruptive behaviour related to the act of defecation
(v) to shit
damn, that dude just poocanoed his drawls.
by eitstripe June 11, 2003
A conical mound of poo resembling the shape of a volcano. Commonly found in concert/festival portaloos and broken toilets of parties.
"i'd rather sh*t my pants than go near that poocano "
by d.widget July 26, 2007
when one puts his asshole up against the jets of a hot tub, and then shits out water and poo.
Jake did the craziest poocano at Steve's hot tub orgy last night!
by homersparkle July 06, 2005
A cumulative mountain of fecal matter

A mountian of poop, each individual turd creating its own crater.
Don't go in that porta-shitter, I just left a massive poocano
by Lyfe lessons with Ann May 23, 2016
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