A noise which indicates a lack of anything worthwhile to do, as well as indicating that one has the confidence to truly express him or her self in the company of those present.
When I am in IRC and nobody says anything for a while, an appropriate thing for me to say is:
Which would lead others to say "wtf!?" and thus stimulate conversation.
by Patrick Conheady November 24, 2003
2 Words related to poo-poo-pa-choo
1. A term of endearment; one might call their loved one poo poo pa choo when they are being particularly lovley. 2. An insult. One might also use the word poo poo pa choo when their significant other is being a flaming muppet.
1. You are simply divine Poo poo pa choo.
2. Jesus Poo poo pa choo, shut up already.
by Jaclyn Stewart April 24, 2004

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