Top Definition
a homosexual. To push poo in a males asshole with ones penis.
Mikey's gay...Hes a poo pusher...
by Tom February 18, 2003
Too Push Poo Inside someones anal passage with your penis
by Rob February 18, 2003
derogatory term for a homosexual
don't be such a poo pusher
by CV91 May 03, 2009
poofter,gay, homo sexual
Elton John
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
one who pushes poo
dereck pushed clints poo
by bigcock December 15, 2003
One who pushes poo, by using his penis inside an anal passage. Also know as a poofter.
I think Paul is a poopusher. I saw him looking at today
by fuglyman September 19, 2008
one (Shaw) who pushes poo
Kevin is the Dude's poo pusher.
by Kevin Shaw July 31, 2003

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