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whe you are playing some type of outdoors game and you try to run faster than you ever have before, from then forword you trip and face plant into a pile of poo. could be dog,cat,deer,raccoon,bird,human,etc.
"man, last night i was playing capture the flag at peter's house and i was about to get tagged so i put my all out effort into it and poo nosed.
by grady penning July 26, 2007
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Poo Nose is when your in silly or horny mood and you just decide to stick your nose up someones arse, and when you pull it out you still have poo on it, but don't realise.
Roger : Hey dudes, whats so funny?
Andrew : HAHAHA Dude you got poo nose
by Danielle199 January 31, 2009
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The act of constantly running to the boss to narc on other employees.
Al was sitting at his desk cruising the internet when Poo Nose got Fred Flinstone feet and went to Po Po's office to tell on him. Al then had a closed door meeting about his internet surfing.
by NWFHA August 12, 2009
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