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4 definitions by Danielle199

Donkrad is thee coolest Donkey to exist, comes from Japan from the planet Gluron.
Donkrad. super cool!
by Danielle199 January 31, 2009
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Mandatroy is a slang adjective that basically means the person or thing it is describing is a poo eater.
Jeff : Dude you Mandatroy, you got poo all over your face!
by Danielle199 January 31, 2009
2 2
Poo Nose is when your in silly or horny mood and you just decide to stick your nose up someones arse, and when you pull it out you still have poo on it, but don't realise.
Roger : Hey dudes, whats so funny?
Andrew : HAHAHA Dude you got poo nose
by Danielle199 January 31, 2009
2 3
Jamie O'Brien is a virus that you can catch, in the form of a person, its basically a cause of madatroy homo-sexuality.
Jim : Hey dude you don't look so good.
Harlod : Yeah, I turned gay last night, I have Jamie O'Brien.
by Danielle199 January 31, 2009
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