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During anal sex, the man ejacualtes into the anus of the male or female receiver. When the receiver later uses the toilet, what comes out of the anus, a mixture of ejaculate and feces is a poo baby.
Chris and Sean, sitting in a tree,
first comes love, then comes marriage,
then comes the poo baby in the toilet carriage.
by Gabriel Miranda April 12, 2007
When you eat too much the night/day before - and your bloated stomach's contents have digested enough - and your 'leftovers' are ready to be "dropped off at the pool".
Nat - "I ate too much last night! Poo Baby is ready to launch!"
Kim - "Same here, I'll come with."

Kelly - "I've got a Poo Baby."
by MaceGrey October 17, 2010
The offspring that result from a couple having anal sex to avoid pregnancy.
We were doin' it in the butt so she wouldn't get pregnant, but I still ended up paying child support for her poobabies.
by Nikolai Nikolayovich July 02, 2006
A half humanoid half crap concoction of a thing created by artificialy inserting unspecified things inside of the anus.
"Look! Richard has poo babies!"
by Rafeal January 07, 2007
When a man has a sex change, to then give birth to a baby that has been artifically inseminated in there anus.
"I heard your pregnant with poo babies"
by Pete Townsand October 06, 2006
to say someone has excreted or to affend them. If you say sum one is a poobaby it means there mum is a poo or slightly constipated, therefore a mum joke...vo
'you stood on my poobaby'...meanin you stood on my excretion/ chlid
by Joely Smith November 10, 2006
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