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a condition caused by not wiping properly.
"i'd go down on her, but i just can't get past the poo ring".
by Martoonie N Leashie January 23, 2004
28 10
English slang, from England, meaning anus or rectum. a translation to american slang: butthole
"bill was being such a pooring to me today."

"jill has a tight poo ring."
by Ra Jaconan July 09, 2006
6 5
The crusty remains of the daily shit usually found around the batty crease or mouth for homosexuals
"Woah look at that dude his poo ring looms like a brown crusty donut"

"Rhys bruv your such a poo ring go get some friends"
by Sir Shagalot June 23, 2006
5 5