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To put one's finger or head up another's ring piece.
In jail some may poo jab you if you don't allow them to have sex with you willingly.
by Jarryd The Great September 05, 2006
20 5
When a male (traditionally under the influence of narcotics) attempts to insert his finger(s) into a vagina but loses co-ordination and they end up in the female's rectum.
Oh man I was so fucked and that french girl was gaggin for it so I went for it and accidentally gave her a poojab. Now say hello to mr. brown finger.
by Robert L. Dole March 28, 2007
17 6
A Person What Jabs Poo With His/Her Finger
I Jab Poo
Therefore my friend, you are a POOJAB
by Ben HeeHee August 02, 2003
9 9
The act of inserting a penis in a vagina
I am going to poojab some flipper tonight. I want to poojab some pussy.
by gary December 28, 2003
2 24