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When you can feel that you are going to have to poop later on in the day, and you can just feel it brewing up in your gut.
Sara could feel a poo brew coming on after she ate her nachos bell grande from Taco Bell.
by MelDogg July 14, 2008
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When you poop in the top of the coffee maker and pee where you add the water and set the timer leaving it for the unsuspecting victim in the morning.
I poobrewed him last night.
by trekrider50 January 06, 2011
Noun (poooo broooo)

Poo brews are farts that occur when a turd has formed in the butt-chamber, and is waiting for departure. The gas from your body has to pass through this turd which acts like a filter made out of shit. Thus causing the fart to smell extremely bad
Sorry dude. That's farts gonna smell really bad. I've got a total poo brew right now
by Coolcandy August 28, 2014

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