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Elongated version of "poo" with 2 extra "o"s.
u smell of poooo
by Xplosion August 27, 2003
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A variation of the Afrikaans slang word poes.
It's mainly used by non-Afrikaans speaking folks, as a mock of the word and the people who use i. The word poes loosely translates to "pussy/vagina" but can also mean dick. ie; he was such a poes for giving us extra work.
the proper pronounciation for poooos
would start by tightening your lips together and then forcing the 'p' sound out following that up with a 'ooh' like sound and then completing the word by hissing the 's' out.
Jak: yo Luke, don't you this Carlo was acting like a grade A poooos earlier.
Luke: yes, Jak...yes i do.

Carlo at McD's: I'd like one Orio-Mcfluffy to go please, poooos!!!
Sandy: Carlo don't be such a pooos.
by My-Latte-Floats-Hard May 20, 2012

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