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Ponytail is when a gay or bi guy gets mad at his balding lover for not satisfying him sexually. When his lover falls asleep, he jacks off on the guy's bald spot and then affixes a tube sock to it. The guy wakes up with a "ponytail". A variation of the superman.
Ben: Bruce wouldn't give it up last night so I ponytailed him when he fell asleep
by Vaughn Shady February 06, 2009
9 48
(from a hairstyle popular with the people described, usage invented by Kaecyy in 2005)

A generally amiable but hopelessly nerdy person-- not necessarily possessing an actual ponytail or even long hair-- who is usually immersed in a combination of science fiction and fantasy literature (and their derivatives), roleplaying games (often in their live action varieties), the gothic-industrial subculture, and/or the historical reenactment of pre-industrial periods of European history (often at what are called "Renaissance fairs")-- among other influences-- to or nearly to the point of lifestyle.
You talking shit about Patrick? Fuck you. Yeah so he's a bit of a ponytail, but he's ten times as nice as you. Yeah, YOU'RE one to talk. You've got a ponytail in the closet-- uh-huh, you know I'm talking about that Darth Vader helmet. And the kilt. Suck phaser, buddy.
by Kaecyy March 31, 2006
18 62