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The act of creeping up behind a girl and yanking down on her ponytail to see what reactions she elicits.
Steve: "Bob let's go ponytailing. Try that hot blonde over there."
*Bob pulls ponytail*
by ptwizzle February 22, 2014
Used to describe a man in the depths of a mid-life crisis. This term has nothing to do with the subject's actual head hair. Rather, it deals with a man attempting to relive his younger years.
Rodney's been ponytailing pretty hard lately. He just bought a puppy and has been spotted jogging around the college.
by Douglas Pine August 03, 2005
The acts performed by a middle-aged man in the throes of his midlife crisis.
Joel just bough a Miata. He is ponytailing pretty hard.
by buttreygoodness August 03, 2005

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