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1. Someone who was a hippie in the 1960s that grew up but kept their hair long because at heart they are still hippies. Many of them can be found in the academic world.

2. A 1960s revolutionary radical who didn't cut their hair because for them the revolution is still on. They are older, wiser, and more dangerous.
Def 1. Tonight we're gonna be chillin' some the silver ponytails, bring lots of weed.

Def 2. The silver ponytails won't rest until they bring down the whole American system.
by thinkingriddles March 03, 2012
The kind of affirmation that men prefer to give and receive, as opposed to the empty praises that women often exchange.

Encouragement vs. Mancouragement
"You look great in that dress sweetie"
"It looks like crap, but it don't matter bro"

Encouragement vs Mancouragement
"All that matters is that you were a good sport"


" Dude, you totally dominated that competition"

Mancouragement is always focused on substance as opposed to feel-good platitudes or appearances.
"Baby don't give me a bunch of bs, I need mancouragement"
by thinkingriddles October 22, 2013
1. Meat. Cooked Medium rare or less. Especially Smoked. Ribs, falling off the bone.

2. Anything wrapped in bacon.
Come get some of this man candy
by thinkingriddles December 13, 2010
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