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One whom 'PONIES'.
The act of Ponying requires a pony, two men, a woman, and a large rubber sausage. Preferably a squeaky one.

The rest is self expanatory.
Hey bro lets go ponying with beth.

Excuse me dear sir but I just have been on a ponying expedition with your son and his wife elizabeth...would you happen to have a moist towelette?

Ponying sure is hard work bill, How ya doing down there berta!

Q: Get that sausage out of that pony!

A: Whats wrong we're just ponying?
by Kyle Elmer January 24, 2008
Getting extremely excited by something on the internet - usually a video on YouTube - that one bounces up and down on the chair causing it to collapse.
Alex is pony-ing on David's chair
by kentboy88 February 18, 2009