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Named after an early 1980's NW Detroit gang, taking charge of a situation in a truly ghetto way.
These fools are perpetratin' a fraud and need to be checked. We gots to pony down.
by Michael Shumay April 26, 2006
phrase meaning "yo i agree" or "i respect that, bro". sometimes said "pony down, g" for reference to the hood. sometimes accompanied by a nod of the head or a sentimental bro hug.
Consuela: Hola, did you hear that Taylor Swift blocks friend requests on YouTube?
Palo: Oh, si. I did. That's bull man, everybody should be able to be her friend without being stood up, stupid country music.
Consuela: Pony down, G. She should unblock it and be less conceded.
by bamluva23 June 03, 2010
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