1)A "Pompalope" is a very rare type of fruit. It grows only on a very small un-named, un-charted, tropical island off the coast of Australia. the inhabitants of the island believe they posses magical healing powers. Scientist are currently studding them, some think they may be a cure for such viral infections such as the common cold and also a possible cure to AIDS/HIV. Others think they may cure cancer. A pompolope is similar to an apple in taste, but similar to a pear in shape. and are about the size of a watermelon. Ripe pompolopes are usually orange with splotches of purple. Un-ripe pompolopes are usually orange with green splotches. un-ripe pompolopes are very poisonous, causing either a hallucinogenic drug-like effect which will only last about two-three hours ,or cause an extremely high fever and possibly death.

2) a word I like to spontaneously shout out in public places.

3)another word for 'cool'

4)another word for 'beautiful'
ex. is this pompalope ripe yet?
ex. this is so pompalope
ex. wow Jazmin, your looking very pompalope in that dress
by mark...the ninja June 20, 2005

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