A sexy men's hairstyle worn by many vintage life-stylists who nod toward the nifty 50s. Nickname of pompadour, which is short on the sides and back, long on top, greased back, height on top, worn with well trimmed side-burns
Did you see that guy with the pomp? He's so hot.
by $ally August 02, 2007
Top Definition
Shortened spelling of pompadour. A hairstyle popular amongst rockabilly and greaser males.
The hair is dressed with grease and combed back from the forehead and also up so that some height is gained.

Females may also have a similar style coupled with a ponytail but pins and grips are used in place of grease.
Gimme some grease! My pomp is wilting!
by Thee Red Monkey June 01, 2006
n. An abbreviated term used to describe someone exhibiting the qualities or manifestations of self-importance. A pompous ass.
"His blog is chocked full of arrogantly conflated arguments solely based on his limited world view ... what a Pomp!"
by oneibus January 01, 2009
a hairstyle in which the front of your hair is pulled back to form a little ball.
Cindy made a pomp in the front of her head. It stayed in place with a lot of hairspray and pins.
by Tayy February 22, 2006
The Pomps is A drink ordered in a bar that consist of ordering a beer which is then topped off with whiskey. Usually its a bottle of beer that is topped of with whiskey but a glass works also. popular in the midwest and upper east coast.
hey bartender i'll have a pomps.
by NYClarry September 01, 2010
WHAT a kitty does with its front paw to hit something.....
Wiskers pomped the doggie on the nose
by squirrelman October 04, 2009
Pussy, faggot, idiot, dumbass, dumbfuck, retard.
Yo kid your a pomps for not fighting him.
by Pomperr June 06, 2010
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