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A player in a game that, regardless of skill, although particularly evident in skilled players, that insists on using noobish weapons or techniques. The word originated on Tremulous, from the server AA (Alcoholics Anonymous.)
*Player 1 starts using chaingun and battlesuit or tyrant*
Player 2: omg you pollack chainwhore/rantwhore!
by Ziginox December 11, 2012
to vomit profusely after consuming too much alcohol.
Dude, I was so hammered, I just pollacked everywhere!

That was quite a pollack you pulled last night. Too much tequila for you!
by foreal. October 25, 2011
To make a really stupid comment. Comes from the famous comment made by Slovackian althlete James Pollack in the 1800's where he asked 'how can I tell it's daytime?'.
Jesus, I can't believe you just said that, that's a proper Pollack comment.
by Kizzi May 08, 2006
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