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A Pilkington moment is to say something extremely stupid. Carl Pilkington is Ricky Gervais' friend and works alongside Ricky and Steve Merchant (The Office co-producer) on their world record winning podcasts. He has a head shaped like an orange and endures comedic bullying from Ricky and Steve.
"Why buy Africans a goat for Christmas? It's just another mouth to feed and the goat won't like being in Africa anyway" Carl Pilkington
by Kizzi May 17, 2006
To make a really stupid comment. Comes from the famous comment made by Slovackian althlete James Pollack in the 1800's where he asked 'how can I tell it's daytime?'.
Jesus, I can't believe you just said that, that's a proper Pollack comment.
by Kizzi May 08, 2006
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