would kill there own mother for a bigger slice of cake/power/pussy (add the relevant incentive)whatever there party affilliation.

see also:liar, shit licker, cum junkie
oops, i've stepped in some politician,i'll never get it off my shoes - i feel sullied.
by uk today August 06, 2003
see witchcraft or practioners thereof
politicians are gay,orgiastic,pedophiles who condone slavery
by common sense June 28, 2004
Someone who has never spent 1 minute in the real world and only knows what's best for him and his friends, but never for regular working-class people. Can turn a once honest person with character and integrity into one who has perfected dishonesty and corruption. They fake compassion and persuade you how much they “care” for you to gain your trust, in order to get votes and keep power. Once in office, they feed off your ignorance and fear. They then believe the laws they pass do not apply to them. Their conscience eventually becomes seared by money from lobbyists and corporations. They begin to arrogantly believe your hard-earned tax dollars belong to them, so they can wastefully spend it. The more they waste and mismanage your money, the more your taxes increase. They then convince you there is no money left to run the system (due to their mismanagement) and raise your taxes again as a result of their incompetence. In the middle of the night, they pat themselves on the back for their incompetence and vote themselves a payraise (when doing nothing to earn one). Their payraises result in more taxes. A politician then becomes a blood-thirsty vampire for your money, giving them even more power. A politician then makes more laws to completely control your life by invading your privacy, invading your home, invading your bedroom, invading your computer, invading the church, invading your car and telling you what you can't do with your own body. A politician then wants total control of your life and wants you to be completely dependant on them by promising you unrealistic and expensive handouts. A politician does not believe in solving problems, because they ARE the problem and if the problem was solved, there would be no issue. Therefore they only put a bandaid on a broken system or “mortal wound” they have caused by either shoving the problem under the rug for later or throwing more wasted money at it. The worse the problems get, the lazier and arrogant they become. An incompetent politician is usually a “one-worlder” who no longer believes in American autonomy and wants the United States to be under the control of even more incompetent and politically-correct organizations like the U.N., NATO, or NAFTA. Politicians are such predators that they even throw your money away to corrupt 3rd world countries, who hate us and always will.

A politician’s lingo:

A tax increase = “I’ve mismanaged and wasted your money and need more to waste.”
A politician is a elite, rich, blood-thirsty, greedy, arrogant, corrupt, out-of-touch, incompetent person who wants COMPLETE control of you and every aspect of your life, while giving themselves every freedom under the sun to ignore their own laws they pass. They often have the audacity to proclaim themselves a “public servant” to the same public they screw.
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
a piece of shit who has no idea whats good for regualr working- class people just himself and his rich friends. The politician has never spent 1 minute in the real world and makes up ridiculous policies and raises taxes so high so he can go to europe in the summer.

Oh yeah they lie all the time too
dude! this pack of cigarettes is $10
thank new jersey's politicians
by money bagz May 07, 2007
ah they're all nuts!

"theeeeeeeeeeeey're poop!"
politicians are lying scum assholes
by they're fuckin scam-artists September 12, 2005
People that like to dance around in their underwear.
When a politician is being filmed, he quickly puts his pants on as quickly as he can.
by Clinker October 18, 2007
A person whose intelligence could fit inside of a pin head. The higher up the political position, the dumber they get. If you are an intelligent, kind, humane, honest, peace-loving, humble... PERSON, you are always disqualified immediately from the competition.
Politicians can not think straight because they are so high up from looking down on people they are suffering a shortage of oxygen to the brain.
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007

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