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1) The REAL, most dangerous gang in the United States. Will do anything to get anything, regardless if they're unsure if they really even want it, so long as they anticipate some sort of prestigious accolade, or better yet, money, as a result.


2) Magicians. Take exceedingly increasing amounts of money from citizens annually and not only make it disappear, but manage to create black holes and fluctuations in the entire space-time continuum with it (see national debt clock).
The politicians came to these projects about 4 years back. all of the other gangs quickly left. remaining residents immediately became too poor to eat and died.


..how come all of that money is literally no where?
by cyanide_nights July 04, 2011
Abbreviated version of "subwoofers". Often installed in the vehicles of alpha males, yuppies, date-rape predators, and future hearing aid users.
"all this bass from these subs will hide my small dick."
by cyanide_nights April 23, 2010
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