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A tactic created by the Communist regime to create unnecessary nicknames, amplify prejudice, and use stupid euphemisms to reverse discrimination, and break down Western Civilization.
Broke-backs, horizontally challenged, and especially African Americans lend me your auditory apparatuses;

Equally I come not to honor all , but to amplify the problem .
The imbalanced treatment that men do lived before them
Inequality rose from the grave
So let it be with prejudice as well. The noble left
Hath told you politically correctness is thy blessing

If it is so, Tis a joyous occasion.
And joyously hath we delighted in it.
Here under direction of communist and liberals
(For both implementers are honorable parties,
And thus politically correctness is not a gay philosophy)

Come I to speak at this politically correct classroom,
Not to teach diversity, but to reverse discrimination
But liberals say this is “in”.
And liberals are all honorable men,
They provide nice euphemisms to the marginal.

Who have a heard about dealing with context
It is not context but the idiotic newspeak language that is important.
When the poor hath cried, involuntarily leisured they were titled.
Hath thou a better meaning of inverted fascist philosophy?
Yet thou doubt the left agenda.

And thee is an honorable party
Using Communism and cultural Marxism
Changing your speech and thought process
As not to discriminate against minority. Is this factual incorrectness not fair?
Yet you doubt the left agenda?

And sure they are all honorable men
I speak not to vocalize my beliefs
Thou must be avoided as to not disrespect others
I must make up for the past iniquities and injustices I did not commit.
What cause withholds you then to rejoice in this wonderful idea?

Oh politeness, thou art is not needed
And men have denoted their religion with me:
My heart is with the liberals who have a hard time dealing with reality.
And I must pause and rejoice in it as to not offend anyone.
by Not a liberal May 07, 2006
A way that we speak in America so we don't offend whining pussies.
Only pathetically weak people that don't have the balls to say what they feel and mean are politically correct pussies.
by Superior Intellect October 05, 2004
1. The laws of moral and ethical relativism; all systems of cultures and thought are equal in value, steming from a perceived guilt from white liberals who believe that the Western Civilization is the root of all evil to the exclusion of all else.

2. A powerful form of censorship.

abbr: PC
Political correctness has a basic flaw. If all views are equal, why do some who embrace this view feel the need to push this agenda as the "correct" one at the same time demonizing other views as "incorrect"?
by tradesman March 31, 2003
The idealogy of weird left wing liberals who want society to be nothing but accepting of all perverts and freaks everywhere. The main basis is not to offend anyone with one little incorrect word.
Jamal was offended by me calling him a perverted gay fairy black boy all stung out on crack. The politically correct thing to say would be that Jamal is leading an acceptable alternative lifestyle as an african-american homosexual who has the disease of drug addiction.
by John J. Cock Oiler July 26, 2003
A method of controlling and dictating public speech and thought.

See: Newspeak in George Orwell's 1984

Acronym: PC
by PsYcHo_FiSh March 21, 2003
Movement in America founded on well-meaning intentions to promote equality in language and representation of diverse groups. However, this has now been oversimplified and misused by politicians in their attempt to win the favour of as many "minority" and interest groups as possible.

The struggle to be "politically correct" has made common people easily irritable and oversensitive to the words of others and their own words. It has created a society that walks on eggshells and that has difficulty being personal with each other because coworkers and potential friends can't joke around for fear of offending the other.
The use of the word "American" to describe the United States is being written out of U.S. History and Government textbooks for fear of it being "politically incorrect" and offensive to South Americans and Canadians.

Quoting a friend: "Someone shouted at me today for making fun of Jews. He said it was politically incorrect. That was before he found out that I was Jewish, and making fun of ourselves is a part of Jewish culture."

Soon first-year high school and college students will be called "freshpersons" to be politically correct.
by Elizabeth January 15, 2005
Censorship, where people try to stop you from saying what you want. If we keep doing this the world will be boring.


1. Do black people even want to be called African American? I mean I'm White and I sure as hell don't want to be called caucasian.

2. People act like saying "There are illegal immigrants" is racist. Even if you don't say anything negative they turn it into something racist.

3. Commenting about race is not racist. "I like that Black girl, she's really funny and cool" is not racist.

4. People who are fat become "curvy". No people who are 400 lbs are round NOT curvy, just because you can't admit your fat doesn't mean you become sexy. I am 6 feet tall, I have accepted the fact that I am tall for my age and I don't call myself "vertically advanced" or some shit like that.

5. It stops people from saying what they want. People are afraid to offend anyone so they don't bring up any major issues.

6. It causes ignorance. People will refer to black people in Africa as African Americans. WTF? they don't live in America, they are just African. I have heard this numerous times by my peers.

7. How is oriental offensive? I don't know how it is but if any asian people could clear it up that would be appreciated.

8. It causes conflict/problems for the real people. People who live in reality and comment on major issues are disregarded as racists and crazies, while they are the people with the legitimant points.

9. If we all keep being politically correct than no one will say anything new or inventive, no body will make music that reflects reality, poems will not be written about real life, and people will be afraid to speak up.

10. It stops people from saying the truth. I am not afraid to call African Americans black or complain that Illegal immigration is a problem for America. Those are truths, if you can't deal with them than your fuckin retarded.
Me: Yo I'm dating this black girl and she agrees that Mexican illegals are a problem for America.

Politically Correct: I am dating an African American women and she agrees Hispanic immigrants are an issue for the United States of America.
by jersey kid November 19, 2007
a pejorative invented by conservatives so they can say whatever the hell they want without reprisal.
Kinda like a "get out of racism free" card. Go ahead and call Justice Sotomayor a spic on national radio, and when you get called out for it, blame the media for being too "politically correct".
"All Jews are good for nothing penny-pinchers! I would know, considering I've met every single one of them. What's that? You say I shouldn't assume things? Rot in hell, you politically correct bastard!"
by Submitter of Words June 28, 2011