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1. When a guy ties a girl's feet to a tree limb, and spins her upside down, while she sucks his penis. After she is done the guy yells: "BOOM SUCKA!!". A squirrel may also just happen to be in attendance while this action is performed.

2. When a girl eats a polish sausage with nuts.

3. A squirrel residing in Poland or of Polish descent.

4. When you run over a squirrel in Poland in your car while your girlfriend is sucking your penis.
1. Jacob left his girlfriend hanging from the tree after she gave him a bad polish squirrel, but he still yelled: BOOM SUCKA! and then he punched her in the face.

2. Maria loved the way her polish sausage slid down her throat and exclaimed that she was not a polish squirrel virgin anymore.

3. Little Johnny saw a polish squirrel on tv and now he wants one to play with.

4. Poland had the highest rate of fatal polish squirrel
accidents last year, leaving about 1 million infant baby polish squirrels motherless. AND about 1 million polish men happy.
by jpabaloni August 16, 2006
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