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If you like doing squirrels, you are at risk of Squirrel Aids.
by IM ON A BOAT!!!! January 17, 2010
The STD communicable from humans to squirrels and squirrels to squirrels. It puts people at risk of being harmed by bad squirrel stuff.
squeak squeak
Translation: that goddam squirrel whore gave me squirrel aids.
by NYC_HACKR February 01, 2010
Having unprotected relations with a squirrel who is infected with squirrel aids will result in squirrel aids, or alternatively, having unprotected relations with a person/animal/fury who have acquired squirrel aids from an infected squirrel.

Symptoms: headache, nausea, diarrhea, the overwhelming desire to have nuts on your chin.

However this will cure most nut allergies.
Man 1: Hey did you hear that Roy was having unprotected relations with a squirrel?

Man 2: Do you mean sex?

Man 1: Why yes, I do.

Man 2: Oh no! Has he acquired the dread squirrel aids?"

Man 1: Yes he has. It has progressed so far that he has nuts on his chin right now.

Man 2: What a tragedy.

Man 1: Indeed.
by squirrel rape January 27, 2012
A person that u know that acts crazy or that is always movin around
Hay dude wats up


hay y u keep movin around u actin like u got squirrel Aids
by Choped February 25, 2010
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