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People who put others away for doing things that they do and don't do!

Other names for the police are, The Fuzz, The Pigs, The 5-0, copper/cops and the law.
The police are comin' Run!
by King Craig February 17, 2009
"enforce laws passed down by the government" - exactly, they're sheep as well as pigs - they don't try to figure out if you need help, they just do what their bosses say. Except they like to make up their own laws like DWB, to interpret laws creatively and also to press politicians into bringing in new laws they like (e.g. "Patriot" Act). If politicians refuse, they look "soft on crime" in front of all the morons and bigots, so they kowtow to the people who are supposed to be their servants.

"anyone who gets shot by the police deserves it". It's nice to know that standing around selling things in the street is good enough reason to be pumped full of more than 40 bullets like Amadou Diallo. People who say things like this would change their minds if they were on the receiving end of this shit - they're all a bunch of pussy toffs who've never even seen a cop except from a distance, or else they're cops themselves and are covering up. So-called "American patriot" is just making Americans look stupid and so is undermining America's position in the world and therefore is committing treason as well.
fuck all these wankers who post pro-police definitions, and fuck the pigs they so like to suck cocks of
by Carlo Giuliani's ghost May 05, 2004
Complete and total Swine that never do their jobs and almost always are the racists and jerks they pretend not to be.
by Michael Reiter June 27, 2003
(The) Police. The thorn in the side of any potential and/or budding *herbal* horticulturist
The police will treat all those caught in possession (depending on volume) of cannabis, regardless of colour, creed, race or religion in the same way. As a criminal.
by Tom Honeyfield February 14, 2005
a person who always tries and act as the saviour irrespective of what the world has to say for them.
why dont you talk to alice she's the real police.
by peyton sawyer March 08, 2009
Cowards who have the city put them in a position of power where they can pick on others without any worries of anyone fighting back. If they were as "tough" as they'd like to think they are, they wouldn't need a fucking badge to "prove" it.
The motto on the side of police cars should read "We SERVE ourselves and PROTECT no one."
See cops and pigs. These mothafuckas are corrupt arseholes that should go fuck themselves. Fuck the mothafucking police and fuck the law!
The police officer collected a bribe.
by Marbarian December 29, 2004