People who put others away for doing things that they do and don't do!

Other names for the police are, The Fuzz, The Pigs, The 5-0, copper/cops and the law.
The police are comin' Run!
by King Craig February 17, 2009
Complete and total Swine that never do their jobs and almost always are the racists and jerks they pretend not to be.
by Michael Reiter June 27, 2003
Enforcers of the law. Contrary to definitions given for the police on these pages, most police are just doing their job, protecting you from the crazy fuck who wants to break in your house, take a shit on your favorite rug, piss in your Mountain Dew, smash your keyboard through your monitor, and screw your dog. Of course there's corrupt police, the ones that take bribes and believe one race is morally superior than the other, but hell, the checkout girl at Wal-Mart might be a member of the Fourth Reich and the KKK and might be plotting to hack your credit card number, find your house, and torch it. Racist, corrupt people are everywhere, not just in the police force. So get off your ego trip about how police are tehz sux0rzzzz because they confiscated your bong and sent you off with a warning. Serve and protect, guys. One motherfucker in America, at least, respects all ya'll.
Billy: Man teh police iz pigz they took my bong and told my mommy and now i wont get my $250,000 Ferarri for my 18th birthday

John: Dude stfu, go buy another bong and don't light it up in front of the police station next time with your middle finger up

by nunsgetnakedforjesus April 25, 2008
(The) Police. The thorn in the side of any potential and/or budding *herbal* horticulturist
The police will treat all those caught in possession (depending on volume) of cannabis, regardless of colour, creed, race or religion in the same way. As a criminal.
by Tom Honeyfield February 14, 2005
The people that you disrespect for doing their job, yet when you are getting robbed, you call them anyway. The most underpaid, disrespected people in the world. People that get killed to save your life, yet when they are arresting you for going 50 mph down a 20 mph road, you spit on them and say you weren't speeding; even though by pulling you over they just saved about 5 lives.

Some people say the police have never helped them, but that's because they are so dirty that instead of calling the cops when people are shooting at each other you just jump in.

Many people think that all cops are racist, and only arrest blacks. Sorry, but they arrest who is commiting crimes, and if blacks are commiting crimes, they don't care that they are black and arrest them.

Because of them, you live day by day. Who else would be protecting you from people running down the streets with M16s?
Rich girl: Like oh my god I got pulled over for going 40 over the speed limit. I hate police they have nothing to do!

5 minutes later she is getting mugged and calls the police. They come nd arrest the guy mugging her.

Rich girl: Oh my god I love the police!
Jamal: Yo I hate dese cops they don't help anyone, they just interrupt my gang fights.

*Starts shooting at random people*
Police come and shoot him.

by Sheriff Kahn July 10, 2008
"enforce laws passed down by the government" - exactly, they're sheep as well as pigs - they don't try to figure out if you need help, they just do what their bosses say. Except they like to make up their own laws like DWB, to interpret laws creatively and also to press politicians into bringing in new laws they like (e.g. "Patriot" Act). If politicians refuse, they look "soft on crime" in front of all the morons and bigots, so they kowtow to the people who are supposed to be their servants.

"anyone who gets shot by the police deserves it". It's nice to know that standing around selling things in the street is good enough reason to be pumped full of more than 40 bullets like Amadou Diallo. People who say things like this would change their minds if they were on the receiving end of this shit - they're all a bunch of pussy toffs who've never even seen a cop except from a distance, or else they're cops themselves and are covering up. So-called "American patriot" is just making Americans look stupid and so is undermining America's position in the world and therefore is committing treason as well.
fuck all these wankers who post pro-police definitions, and fuck the pigs they so like to suck cocks of
by Carlo Giuliani's ghost May 05, 2004
a person who always tries and act as the saviour irrespective of what the world has to say for them.
why dont you talk to alice she's the real police.
by peyton sawyer March 08, 2009
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