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A honorable calling which is thankless and low paying. Also, a job dealing with the ignorant, the drunk and the stupid. Usually spending long nights away from family dealing with donut jokes from people who have no clue, getting spit on and disrespected while wasting time on charges that will be dismissed anyway by a chickenshit DA in a pinstripe suit the following month. Originally From the latin, "beatemus et releasus" (beat and release).
I don't know why I'm the police, I should have been a firefigher.
by 357SIG April 03, 2003
Police baton, 24-inches long and rumored to stand for "Public Relations". Manufactured by Monadnock, this effective device made of a polycarbonate resin was made famous when Rodney King got his ass beat by several LAPD officers following a dangerous chase.
"Damn, yo, that fuckin' pig jabbed me in the muthafuckin' chest and shit with that PR-24..."
by 357SIG April 03, 2003

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