A hard working, low paying job that is usually misunderstood. Police officers probably work harder and longer then any other job and still have very little respect.
Police: Do you know why i pulled you over
Driver: Yeah, cus u had nothin else to do but drink beer and eat donuts
Police: Sir have you been drinking tonight
by Police Patrol July 10, 2008
Acronym = Pointless Overbearing Losers Intending Constant Exploitation
I hate the Police.

The police love to abuse their power in any way shape or form.
by William Stevenson October 02, 2014
police.......in 'hood' lingo the word police means to run or "lets get the fuck outta here nigga"

pronounced by African Americans as 'poe-lease' or 'poe-poe'
police!" "holy shit they comin fo me nigga
by osama bin jerry October 16, 2010
The men and women who guard you while you sleep in your little race-car bed and prevent society from breaking down into an anarchistic free-for-all. A thankless job, police have to deal with ungrateful fucks (i.e. little shit teenagers whose parents need to beat the shit out of them, and wouldn't survive if the police weren't around to protect them) insulting them just because of one bad cop giving all police a bad name
A few cops are dicks, but most of the police I know are cool.

Man, the police caught one of my neighbor's old workers trying to burn his house down. They arrived just in time.
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010
an untidy group of fascists who exist to oppress the people while blinding them with propaganda that depicts them as he elite of society
the police are fascists
by commie anarcho punk February 26, 2006
Scum who claim to be "protecting" citizens, but in truth are simply glorified tax collectors busting people for drugs, underage drinking, and speeding all while being very slow to respond to serious emergencies.
Guy 1: That asshole gave me a parking ticket for a half-inch too close to the curb. When i called them because someone was robbing my house, that same asshole shows up two hours late

Guy 2: He must be part of the police
by YoyoMa2 August 11, 2006
nasty little motherfuckers who say things like " just doing my job" an they think they fucking help the
they stole my pot and probably smoked it!!!
by nimsa June 17, 2004

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