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People that wear blue or black uniforms who get paid to set people up and plant evidence on them, they actually smoke and use the dope from people they bust on the streets, are racists and beat black men half unconscience, have an addiction to doughnuts, pull motorists over on the road and unfairly give them a ticket because they haven't met their monthly quota, beat their wives and just are hypocrites and just as corrupt as the people they arrest.
The police calling themsleves "public servants" are actually a scandalous clad of douhgnut junkies.
by krock1dk March 06, 2008
an untidy group of fascists who exist to oppress the people while blinding them with propaganda that depicts them as he elite of society
the police are fascists
by commie anarcho punk February 26, 2006
police.......in 'hood' lingo the word police means to run or "lets get the fuck outta here nigga"

pronounced by African Americans as 'poe-lease' or 'poe-poe'
police!" "holy shit they comin fo me nigga
by osama bin jerry October 16, 2010
The word "Po'lice" is used as a slang term to define a cop. It is used to express a strong dislike or hatred for a killer in blue.
lice infest my hair like the po'lice infest the street.
by Ryan February 07, 2005
The men and women who guard you while you sleep in your little race-car bed and prevent society from breaking down into an anarchistic free-for-all. A thankless job, police have to deal with ungrateful fucks (i.e. little shit teenagers whose parents need to beat the shit out of them, and wouldn't survive if the police weren't around to protect them) insulting them just because of one bad cop giving all police a bad name
A few cops are dicks, but most of the police I know are cool.

Man, the police caught one of my neighbor's old workers trying to burn his house down. They arrived just in time.
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010
1.something you run from if you are black or hispanic

2.something that makes black people with nice things disappear fast

3.for some reason whenever they arrive theres no reason for them anymore

1. *gang of black people hear police siren*

2. my friend: hey brah nice 'forces
me: yeah i just bought them you like?
Friend: yea
*police sirens*
friend: woah police are coming
friend: Brah, Brah? where you go brah?

3. 911 dialer: theres a gang shooting at the intersection of miramar parkway and university drive
policeman: we are on it
*3 hours later bodies all over te floor*
policeman: ok we are here hey where is everyone?
by aniggathatluvswomen April 14, 2009
Misunderstood by the public, people who enforce the laws.

4 main types of people that hate the police;

1: The 12 year old keyboard warrior. These people have never had bad interactions with the police before, but they're constantly reading on the Internet about how everyone hates the police and determines that hating the police is the trendy thing to do and decides to hop on the bandwagon.

2: The uppity college undergrad. They sit in Starbucks and blog about how oppressed they felt and how their rights were violated that one time they did a protest that blocked off a main street and a police officer told them to move. This is the same kind of person that will run around with a camera, antagonizing police to get a reaction out of them and then can be heard screaming "I DO NOT CONSENT. YOU'RE VIOLATING MY RIGHTS. I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN" over and over again when the officer asks to see their ID and the post the video on Youtube.

3: The felon. Usually brought on by their own stupidity, their arrest still lingers in their mind and they are bitter against the police officers who busted them for dealing pills.

4: The person who actually has a right to complain about the police. This kind of person has usually been unfairly treated by the police, usually beaten during a protest or was illegally searched and or detained by police. Accounts for 2% of people who hate the police.
Type 1:

*goes to Youtube video of police officer asking skaters to leave a property that they're not supposed to be on*

"Fuck the police"

Type 2:

*A guy with a video camera filming himself walking around with a assault rifle strapped over his shoulder*

Police officer: Hey bud, what's going on? What's the deal with the rifle?


Police officer: Would you mind if I saw your ID?

Martyr: ILLEGAL TERRY STOP. I DO NOT CONSENT. I DO NOT CONSENT. (What the martyr doesn't realize is that the police officer asked for his ID, and didn't demand it, which does not constitute a Terry stop)

Police officer: Ok sir, have a nice day.

*Martyr goes on Reddit*


Type 3:

Maynnnneeee I ain't done nuttin. These pigs just don't have nuttin better to do than harass me. They just don't like me

Type 4:

While I was protesting the new bill that passed, a police officer grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground and hit me with his baton 3 or 4 times in the stomach. He cracked one of my ribs, and I am going to file a lawsuit against the department. My friend caught the whole thing on video.
by KJP1989 June 23, 2013