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pOlice - a term used by a african american used to described the pigs.
OO SHIT NIGGA its the pOlice , les be out bfore that nigga pops a cap up in us cuz we balck !
by etsfd September 04, 2003
Nice people to go to in need of help.
Saints; Class, remember the Police are your friends they are here to help you.

Saints; Rodney King, honey, dear, the police only want to help you don't piss them off.

Rodney; I don't care about them.

LAPD; pulls out their johnny stick and use it on Rodney King.

"the whole class witness the event and laughs"

Saints; okay class, it's 3:00, go home and tell your parents what you have learned in class today.
by Saints October 29, 2003
these the same fucks that fucked up my life.
False false power trill false you and the da cmon the nigro needs a new job after makin new friends
by i hate you too December 05, 2003
Pronounciation: five - o

Definiton: Police, wen theres a fight or sum shit n sum1 calls the cops u yell 5 - O niggas 5 - O
a:nock dat bitch the fuck out
b: yeah yeah come on wit it
(police sirens)
a: ahh shit 5 - O
b: 5 - O, 5 - O lets break
by gangstaunit8t9 February 04, 2006
A synonym for the word "cool", developed primarily by several students at Lakewood High School in Florida. The word originates from the fact that police officers are so cool, and therefore the word police has come to be known as a replacement for the word cool.
That's so police that you got tickets to the RHCP concert.

You punched me! That's so not police!
by Eliushfas February 03, 2007
A man in uniform that carries a gun and makes women cream their jeans.
Woman: Oh my god!!! Police are sooo hot! Oh yes Officer anything you say Sir! Gotta love those badge bunnies <evil grin>
by Offcr April 24, 2006
Aka the Po-po. Yo, the popo took my extedo....i was so pissed yo...they getting gay now...but they do some good stuff....but not when they took my friend's weed and smoked it....
Did you see the po-po around here....can't even smoke without pissing yourself.
by Tyler February 13, 2004