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Sliding a cylindrical freezer pack into a rubber balloon (with no air/helium in it) pissing in it, then putting it in the freezer for a few hours, then taking it out and shoving it up your ass and or vagina until you cum.
"Mark gave himself a good Polar Express last night, im still cleaning the kitchen floor."
by Nickb123 November 22, 2012
running a train on someone with tom hanks
me and tom hanks ran a polar express on some girl yesterday, she was litterally star struck.
by p.nasty January 06, 2012
When a woman has something cold in her mouth (ie. ice cream, ice chips),while giving oral pleasure to a man.
Big Red received a Polar Express from his wife last night for taking out the trash.
by bigredmoosekrash July 27, 2006
Having sexual intercourse in an industrial freezer, but the act must be done "express" as to avoid being caught
My boss and I ride the Polar Express at Benihana on a daily basis
by Must lovedogs65 April 03, 2016
another term for running train; fucking a girl in a cold environment, such as in snow or in a cold car during winter
example 1

Bro, I got a setup. Fire up the Polar Express!

example 2

I turned off the heat and polar expressed her all night.

example 3

All Aboard The Polar Express!
by Dr. Fuckatis Enla Butticus September 20, 2010
When a douchebag sprays his mansauce within a condom while fucking a cheap buttwhore, then puts the condom in the freezer for an hour or so. The douchebag would then flip the rubber inside out and give his froven bodily fluids for the buttwhore to chew on later.
Hoe#1: "Are you chewing dentine white?"
Hoe#2: "No, that stud CJ gave me some of his POLAR EXPRESS!"
HOE#1: "GOD! I am so jealous!"
Hoe#2: "You should be! Its SOOOO tasty!"
by Bear Grylls888 January 17, 2009
When Josh takes a shit and puts it in the freezer untill hard, then removes it and puts it in Marias vagina.
frozen poop inserted into the vagina polar express style
by Sirae October 03, 2006
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