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originally derived from Brunei, it is a title/name calling bestowed to people who seem to posses the inability to spell / pronounce words in which these poklen do not realise that they are society's rejects (1).

These creatures come in packs and hangout usually in public where they can brandish thier retarded fashion so they would stand out (usually tight skinny jeans, checkered shoes,pants,shirt or even yellow jeans with a yellow shirt making them look like bananas in pajamas),sometimes wearing all black clothing is preferred but do not be confused with an emo because poklens are tight wearing ignorant son of a bitch who loves spikey hair and needs to be bitch slaped to make them come to thier senses.(2)

the behaviour of an average poklen is distinctive from society as they can be recognised immediately, they would chase girls and possibly milfs too. they would walk in a single file like ibans and basically be a retard.(3)
1. Yawzzz WhUtzZ$$ UPzzZPZZ AhaxAHAxx <3 LOlZzxzzz xoxoxox Bi@tc#

2.thier jeans are so tight that probably thier ball sack is completely separated into two or they might not have any genitals at all

3.poklan 1:yo that chickz iz finez

poklan 2:dude thats your sister !!!

poklan 1:but still i'd tap that ass
by gradoss August 12, 2010
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