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A particularly strong kind of Ecstasy / MDMA pill. Pokeballs generally have a reputation of containing a solid dose of pure MDMA -- though not every "pokeball" pill is guaranteed to live up to this expectation, most do.
Pokeballs are thicker than the typical MDMA pill, come in a variety of colors, and usually are stamped with a logo (like a butterfly) on one side and a "pokeball" score on the other side.
"That white butterfly pokeball hit me so good last night I only needed one pill for the whole night!"
by ravetast December 29, 2009
A ball where a pokeyman is stored in.

There are different kinds, but the classic red and white one is most popular.
Go Squirtle!
*throws pokeball*
by folwanmojo March 22, 2008
When you are having sex with a crazy girl and, and soon as you about to cum, she grabs your balls and yells out the name of a kid that she wants to have with you followed by the the word, "GO!"
Raylynn pulled a Poké Ball on me the other day. She grabbed my balls and yelled, "Stanley!"
by Maxwell Harper October 31, 2015
1-Round orb-like container used to trap/carry pokemon.

2-Asian testicles.

1-Hey...that Ash ass-clown can't make Pikachu get into a poke ball.

2-Hiro kept blasting his poke balls into my ass-carpet so hard I could hear a thud.
by xndrso November 06, 2007
you morons!!! you know exactuly what a pokeball is! you stayed up till wwaaayyy past your bedtime on christmas day playing pokemon blue/red! i know i did. there the little balls you somehow fit gigantic animal/bug/robot/6 year old drawings into! i swear.... most are red and white, how ever there is way more including the master, great, ultra, safari, heavy, timer, quick, etc balls, comeing in many diffrent colors/colours
person1:hey! i caught a voltorb in my pokeball!!!
by epicalyrandom November 29, 2011
Before you cum, you place one of your balls halfway in the anus* of your significant other and pull it out. When you're just about to cum you scream your favorite Pokemon and "I choose you". To complete the act you cum on her forehead and your shit covered ball enters her mouth, thus cleaning your ball-sack.

*This should make the ball look like a Pokeball
*Performing Pokeball*
"Gyrados, I choose you!"
by Spaghetti Fist Pump February 15, 2010
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