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Slang term for penis, originating in or around Islip, New York. While the origins can't exactly be proven to have originated in Islip, poinus has been a staple in the community for 20 years.

Poinus is most often used in lighthearted situations. Rarely used in anger, since it's more of a "fun" word than a curse word.
Marky S has a 12 inch poinus.
Suck my poinus!
by Why is it Private July 01, 2010
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Poinus /`pinus/, n., pl. -ses /-sez/ The male organ of copulation and urination.
Every poinus and his grandama - Lots of people.
Off his poinus!!! - Very drunk
Tired as a poinus - Very tired
You flamin' poinus!!! - You idiot!!!
You flamin' poinus-head - You Bum crack!!!
'NO' you poinus - I disagree
Your poinused - Your dead meat!!!
All poinused out - Used up all your energy(Burnt out)
It went off like a poinus in a sock - It was good
Thou shall not be a poinus - The 11th Commandment
by Dean French September 09, 2006

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