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the act of being useless
She is so pogo!
by pogo! April 26, 2009
2 4
Making fun of your friends about something annoying that they do, all behind their backs. Coined by the show New Girl.
My friend Steve told me my Pogo is that I'm a know-it-all and chew too loudly.
by Onspired January 25, 2013
343 74
A dance, mostly done at shows that consists of jumping up and down. Started by Sid Vicious when he was at a Sex Pistols show (before he was in the band) because he couldn't see properly.
Poser- ii lyk...iiNVENTED the pogo!!111!

Smart person-Actually Sid Vicious did you dumb fuck
by LeDuh July 16, 2006
263 151
a punk dance where you jump up and down repeatively
I pogoed so much at that show that my legs hurt.
by meow6 March 18, 2005
153 104
A delicous meal on a stick.
"Mmm I love my hot dogs on sticks." (pogo)
by jajaja July 30, 2006
59 43
Hey this is your chance
To do the pogo dance
So get your both feet up off the ground
What goes up - must come down.

Pogo Dancing
Its the greatest thing that's going round.
Pogo Dancing
Why move from side to side
When you can jump up and down.

Pogo Dancing - Vibrators (1976 RCA)
Dude, that guy can really pgo!
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
82 69
The unfortunate mistake that occurs when a dude is wearing boxer shorts, and his dick comes through the fly and touches something, e.g. a person or a food item.
"I was just trying to squeeze past him to get to the bathroom when he totally pogoed me."
by OpusAtrumET February 11, 2013
11 0
lame or whack.
"that girls dress is pogo!"
by mariposaaa February 21, 2010
49 44