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A "Pogie" was a company clerk. The "bait" was food or drink used to bribe a company clerk into giving a soldier a weekend pass. Since the 1960's it refers to any non-issued food carried by a soldier in the field. Hence the term (pogie bait)
Examples of pogie bait:
Candy bars, potatoe chips.
by Phil Logan February 24, 2005
USMC slang for sweet edibles, such as cake or candy.
Everybody liked it when a family member sent a kage of pogie bait to someone in the unit.
by Duckbutt September 10, 2004
A term used for candy, sweets, small gifts, liquor and cigarettes used to attract prostitutes in South Korea by U.S. Armed Forces members.
I need to grab some pogie bait before going downtown looking for poontang.
by Mark January 21, 2005
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