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another name for a foot fetishist

Someone who would rather fuck a nice pair of feet instead of the person they belong to. A podophile is usually a male, but not always, not to be confused with pedophile
I heard that on their honeymoon, the first thing Gary fucked was his wife's feet, not her snatch. Gary is such a podophile, but don't say that to his face. Podophiles are freaks in the sheets, but they hate being exposed.
by podophile April 30, 2011
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1) Person who is so into podcasting that they spend more time talking to their computer than they do their family.

2) Person who may as well have their iPod stapled to their person.
That Deke is such a podophile his wife left him and he didn't know about it for a week!
by MajorMalfunction November 02, 2007

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