a small vibrating dildo.
"That chick is packin a pocket rocket
by RelaxedCrazyMan November 22, 2003
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A pair of aces in your hand, in a game of Texas Hold 'Em poker.
In "Rounders", Teddy KGB was dealt pocket rockets, with which he took down Matt Damon (A9) with an aces-over-nines boat to his nines-over-aces.
by Nick D November 24, 2003
A petite, vivacious woman.
Shes a little pocket rocket (meaning pint-sized hot chick).

Petite enough to fit in your pocket, able to make you go off like a rocket.
by slowlyslowlycatchymonkey June 02, 2011
Small devices which were invented around WWII era. They were built to look like pens, but are actually small missles that propel themselves through the air, hopefully landing in the eye of an opposing human.
Jorge F. Sanchez was killed using pocket rockets.
by Strick August 21, 2006
doing or having a pocket rocket is masterbating or "wanking/jacking off" inside ones own pocket, simply accomplished by reaching into the pocket of ones trousers, also known as a stealth wank. can be performend in public if user has masterd the techniqe.
this is an easy was to pleasure ones self while staying annonymus.
guy 1: dude why are you pulling a face
guy 2:we have lift off
guy 1:awww no way...POCKET ROCKET
Henri Richard, a former former professional ice hockey player who played centre with the Montreal Canadiens from 1955 to 1975. Although 15 years his junior, he was the brother of hockey legend Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard and consequently because he was smaller (5'7" and 160 lbs.), he was given the nickname 'The Pocket Rocket'.
Commentator #1: Look at the pocket rocket go!
by 12ed-13lue July 04, 2005
A small rocket made using paper matches, aluminum foil and a needle.

To create, take one paper match and hold the needle against the flat side of the match making sure that it is touching the sulpher portion of the match (the head).

Then wrap the head and a bit of the body of the match with a piece of aluminum foil (about half an inch) making sure to wrap it tightly.

Remove the needle from the wrapped match so that there is an exhaust system of sorts molded into the foil.

Light the rocket with another match by holding it underneath the foil until the rocket ignites. The "pocket rocket" will shoot forward, propelled by the gas escaping backwards through the exhaust hole. A bent paper clip makes a decent launch pad.

Also known as a paper-match rocket... instructions with diagrams can be found on the web
A home-made toy using paper matches.
by animeguru June 04, 2004

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