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Plan of action. Used to describe what the plan of action is to be from thereon.
This is the poa: we go to the store, buy beer and get back.
by Uday Prakash April 25, 2005
Pussy on a stick

Very Skinny Woman
Calista Flockhart is definitely a POAS.
by Experienced Vandal December 28, 2003
pronounced: po-ass
acronym for: Placement On A Stick
Recruitment terminology
Wow, this Java developer is a POAS!!!
by lil_jo September 27, 2007
Standing for Proof of Abs, as in, when a guy says he has abs, but you need proof that he does and he's not just saying that to make himself seem more smexy or attractive. That would be misleading, so you ask him for some P.O.A.
"Hey, I have a six pack? Aren't I sexy?"
"How do I know you do? Gimme some P.O.A.!"
by Limonada_296 October 29, 2011
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