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a plump cunt that bulges out so much that the jeans stretch the zipper, exposing it.
Look at Brenda, her plunt is so big you can see the shinny gold zipper as she walks down the street.
by ohbrenda April 04, 2010
used by a whole group of lamers who latched onto the 'leet speak' of the group of lamer internet users.
this cake is plunt good
yo i got plunt homework
by J Skrilla August 26, 2004
Waste Catty
Sara: OMG do you see Ariana shes totally acting like a damn plunt.

Maranda: Ughhhh, yea she is one anyways
by xoTalkIsCheep October 17, 2011
To kick a football as far as possible while laughing.
OMG, Adrian plunted that football!
by smartypantalones January 03, 2011

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