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The reproductive system (gender neutral).
She went to the OB-GYN to have her plumbing checked out.
by Octopod November 06, 2003
Bhe act of saving a life when a person is drowning or choking by repetitively thrusting one's penis in and out of the person's throat. The thrusting creates a plumbing effect that forces the obstruction to move up the throat. This action is in no way sexual; it should only be used during times of grave danger.
Dude! Ellen was drowning at the pool today! Luckily, the lifeguard pulled her out of the water and started plumbing her until she coughed up the water.
by 6HyungPaq9 June 03, 2010
The act of purposefully stopping up your toilet so that the plumber will come to your house and unclog it.
That weirdo gets off on plumbing.
by superchar September 25, 2008
(verb) Very deep anal penetration
Deep-sea plumbing: Anal penetration over 10 inches
"That horse was plumbing that girl yesterday"
by Stan Albright May 17, 2007
Wearing one's pants so low as to display one's asscrack. Derived from the state of many a fat plumber's pants.
Dude, pull up your pants you're plumbing.
by lesseins July 20, 2008
Generic term for the bars of a jail cell
The plumbing in this joint consists of at least 1" hardened steel.
by GGJoe April 14, 2015
To forcefully insert a hollow metal pipe into the rectum of a woman and suck out all of faecal matter. It is similar to a filthy fiddler.
Man: I'm going to go home today, to do some Plumbing.
by Harry Veiner January 28, 2011
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