A word originating from the late Frank Zappa meaning "to fuck"
Dude, did you pluke that fat ass chick last night?
by ullimike May 17, 2006
Top Definition
A big spot on the face or zit
A Scottish word "Plukeface"
A person with zits - it's onomatopoeic from the noise it makes when you squeeze it.
by Redhat December 09, 2003
aye, aye, frank zappa.

that means SPOT
zit, acne, white-head

so give it a chance before you down thumb it,

have a wee think:
"am I from Scotland?"
2 Scottish folk:
"Woke up this mornin' wae a massive pluke oan ma forehead, look! Man, 's like another heid. Look at it, it follows ye round the room d'nt it?"..."That's pure boggin man. Go wash yer face ya manky pr!ck."
by loobah February 16, 2010
Sexual intercourse. A term widely used in Virginia in the 1970s.
I pluked your sister and shot my glue on your family's sofa.
by Ben Waugh October 13, 2004
my boyfriend's surname is pluke...
i rate the first definition says it all.
by cass April 10, 2003
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