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aye, aye, frank zappa.

that means SPOT
zit, acne, white-head

so give it a chance before you down thumb it,

have a wee think:
"am I from Scotland?"
2 Scottish folk:
"Woke up this mornin' wae a massive pluke oan ma forehead, look! Man, 's like another heid. Look at it, it follows ye round the room d'nt it?"..."That's pure boggin man. Go wash yer face ya manky pr!ck."
by loobah February 16, 2010
Scottish slang to describe something dirty or disgusting.
prounced "baw-gin" or "boah-gin"
"The smell comin' out the Ladies toilets in The Solid Rock Café is absolutly boggin', I nearly boaked ma dinner."
by loobah February 16, 2010
Slang adjective used to discribe meaty riffs from stoner/metal/doom bands, celebrating how lung-crushingly grim they are.
Electric Wizard can belt out some mighty grimmage.
by loobah February 16, 2010
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