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The bearer of the Rave stones.
It looks like a snow-dog with a carrot shaped nose. Originaly Created by Resha Valentine's etherion. After Resha's death, Plue befriended shiba, the first rave master. Plue disappeared while protecting Shiba from the overdrive. 50 years later Plue wash discovered by Haru Glory, the second Rave Master. Now Plue and haru are on a quest to find the missing Rave stones and to destroy the Dark Bring.
master Plue, you can't eat a fire work.-Griff
by Final Parody June 08, 2005
the pure definition of a backstabbing friend, the #1 liar, and MSI (Mindless Self Indulgence) hater.
one who loves easily and get's over his love in a week.
so i heard Plue is going out with his close friends EX Girlfriend.
by Enrique Senger March 08, 2009
plues is punk rock mixed with blues . I kinda just made up hat word, but if u can imagine like a ounk song going then theres sime crazy blues solo in it, and blues feel
i dont have an example cuz i made the word up right now
by streetpunk4life April 05, 2005
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