What ken's friends get after a race - The act of taking ones erectified and emancipated organ and powerfully driving it into ones bum-hole. A common misconception connects love and being plow'ed, however, there is no love involved in the violence of being plow'ed, only animal intestinal fortitude.
(not so) little Ken plow'ed shamus right in his eager bum during the "frieght train" ritual. Shamus wept as he was plow'ed and hence his masculinity and honor were extinguished.
by Matt Birdin October 30, 2006
To ram in the ass or vagina from behind with great force,can be done to whomever u sexually desire.a form of sexual intercourse
bob:im going to plow a girl right in the vagina tonite
by imSamtastic13 June 19, 2009
To eat A LOT of food.
I plowed so much food today.
by idieh85 December 26, 2010
to copulate with a woman, to have sex with a woman
He thought about plowing her but dismissed the idea as unlikely. (use of plow ending in ing)
by The Return of Light Joker April 27, 2009
a very horrible insult, for someone that doesn't do anything right, or is just a fuck up.
"you's a plow."
"because you forget to call me."
by samanthaxallyn March 02, 2009
The most forceful of intercourse, that can be readily misconceived as assault or homocide.
It is a very clumsy, ogreish style, similar to 'throttling,' which is a little bit lighter, probably faster, less reckless, and with a bit more finesse.
Kelsey Jennings is so kinky. If I banged her out, I'd throw her up against a wall upside down and plow the living shit out of her.
by salty ballz June 22, 2006
Adj. with -ed: drunk; intoxicated; wasted; blitzed
Man, you were so plowed last night!
by the brockman March 16, 2003
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