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A fart-like noise, made perhaps by the dropping of large stones into mud.
'Plort' went the body as it sank into the quicksand.
by What the Deuce? June 26, 2005
Plaid shorts, usually not acceptable to wear out in public unless at a golf tourament.
People who want to get laid should not wear plorts.
by YesImAGinger November 08, 2010
Plaid shorts. Usually worn as swim wear, the style is making a comeback for daily wear. Plorts are a close cousin of the jort, or blue jean shorts.
That guy is wearing some sweet plorts.
by Kat the Lake Rat June 14, 2008
to run into a building by accident
"I'm going to the bank...wait, why am I in McDonald's? I just plorted."
by MirandaD November 11, 2007
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