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PLOP!goes the weasel!
by Your Motherfather September 26, 2006
Your chewy, fibrous excrement. Typically only applied when it is excreted in ball format.
I'm gonna drop my plop in your mouth and watch you chew it. Chew my plop!
by Pogchoo September 07, 2004
What you're eating right now.
You: "I am eating a human plop."
by Commissioner Bumhead May 06, 2005
To stock a pipe with marijuana.
Oh yah man, do another plop!
by Mikel May 14, 2003
Mash patatoes in the shape of breasts.

Can also be used when referring to a girls breast or butt.
Those are some nice plops you got there I might grab some.
by Victor Braga November 10, 2006

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