1. Audio/Video/Text + Blog.
2. A PodCast + Blog.
3. A Portable Blog.
4. A Portable Weblog.

Plog's are blog's with portable media sources like you would find in a PodCast.
Idependant audio, video and text weblog or blog designed for it full featured character, portability and ablility to express and/or respond to ideas more effectively. A plog.
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by K. HOFF January 02, 2006
Top Definition
blogging, but using only pictures.
kind of like a vlog.

plogging is commonly done on vacation.
Sue: did you have a good vacation?

katie: yes i did, i lazed on the beach, shopped, and saw tons of statues. I plogged everything.
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by rob snoitcelfer August 12, 2009
Pieces of excrement that are half log and half plank in shape, with the consistency of putty. i.e.: Break down easily.
Plural: Plog(s) This morning I woke up to take my morning poo. To my shock and awe I made 3 plogs in the toilet. My bum was very dirty.

Singular: Plog That is a large plog left on the floor of the seminar room.
#scat #poo #excrement #diarhea #toilet
by The Figger October 30, 2010
Plog; someone who has one parent who's a wog and another who's Polish (Polish-wog).
Person 1: My mums a wog and my dads Polish.
Person 2: So, therefore you're a Plog?
Person 1: Yes.
#polish #wog #wogs #parent #plog
by FAtNAtHAzzar August 05, 2011
The combination of "plug" and "clog" when neither will do on their own.
"When I awoke this morning, my nose was plogged."
by Aerrickh June 08, 2005
A plogged toilet mostly consist of crap and very little paper. Usually occurs when a massive poop is sufficient enough to cause a clog without the support of any toilet paper.
Dude, I took such a massive shit it "plogged" the toilet.
#clog #tiolet #poop #crap #shit
by Nacho Burris November 14, 2014
Plog is a parasite blog which uses plagiarism of an automated type to create posts by using RSS feeds of another blog through keyword driven blog searches.
Plog Post : mutualfunds.explainedhere.com/choosing-growth-or-dividend-option-in-mutual-fund/

Original Post : personalmoney.in/choosing-growth-or-dividend-option-in-mutual-fund/471
#parasite blog #automated plagiarism #parasite weblog #parasite web log #fake blog
by moneybhai May 20, 2009
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