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Plugging a blog.
The newspaper plog increased my site traffic.
by Semiuseful Magazine August 20, 2008
1 1
a poop log. see web, log, blog & poop.
would you like to see the plog i just posted?


i just made a plog entry into my toilet.
by Gar Hole April 22, 2005
7 7
The act of vlogging or blogging in the form of porn.

n. plogger

v. plog, plogging
Andy: Man, did you see Trisha's new plog?

John: Yeah, she really needs to stop sending it around the office though.
by AlterEgoIsRonaldo September 14, 2009
1 3
1. The exact same as "clogged pores" when used with "cores"

2. Phone Losers of Gallatin.
1. You have plogged cores.

2. I'm a proud member of PLOG.
by Meepo January 24, 2005
5 8