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almost the same as a plonker. but aimed at school children. can also be spelt plinka
did you see rebecca walk into the pole? she is such a plinker!
by AGHH March 26, 2008
a cross between a plonker and dickhead
when nicki doesn't understand what is being said to her and you need to give a lengthy explanation about something really really simple.

nicki you are such a plinker will you please get a hold off your head and listen. this is really really quite simple silly!!!
by the sex woman March 09, 2009
Another word for remote control; a device used to change channel on a television. Can also perform functions such as adjust volume and brightness on television set.
Katie: Can we turn up the volume?
Harriet: Sure, just wang me the plinker babe.
by Markisalwayswrong December 21, 2009