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Plastic bling bling (q.v.)

1 (sarcastic) Yo Pro, nice pling pling!
2 All plinged out and nowhere to go.
#bling #tasteless #cheap #trash #flashy
by DHP May 28, 2007
Fake Bling Bling. Fake knock off items like a fake Rolex that looks Bling Bling, but its really Pling Pling.
"That Rolex is Bling Blingin yo!"
"Nah, fool. If a Fauxlex, Its Pling Plingin"
#blingbling #bling #pling #plingpling #faux
by Greenleaf October 11, 2005
the rainbow question mark-ed item box in mario kart.
"oh shit man bowser took my pling pling!"
#mario kart #n64 #nintendo #mario #bling bling #kart
by pling_master_69 January 24, 2009
(origin part black english vernacular part super twins) n. 1. plastic jewlry. (exclamation) 2. noticing that someone is wearing plastic jewlry.
1. My kid sister is wearing one of those candy rings on her finger...she's got some pling pling.
2. "DAMN GIRL! Did you get your hair did?"
"Naw, I'm just pling plingin' it!"
by Megan Boyer Brad Rukes June 15, 2003
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