common name for a person who proffesses to have made a million in a few months
fliedlice is a plick cos hes a fcukin liar
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
Top Definition
chinese slang for prick
you come and eat you libs you slimy plick!
by omd May 29, 2003
Yu mussi plick fuh tink I gwain deh wid yu!

Translation: You must be crazy to think that I am going there with you.
#crazy #nuts #insane #mad #lost your mind
by Urban Warrior11 July 10, 2008
1. an abbreviation insinuating a computer error lies in the fault of the user: Problem Lies Inbetween Chair and Keyboard.

2. A person who is totally inept at using a computer who reports issues contantly that are user error.
The problem I've been working on for the last week turned out to be a plick.

That guy is a walking plick
by Suprnova March 02, 2005
first person shooter lingo. To shoot someone in a video game, usually a first person style shooter. Often times referred to primarily as "one shot one kill" style shooting, like from sniper fire.
"I am going to plick that guy the next time I see him in this game."
"That guy is running around the map plicking people left and right."
"I came around that corner and he plicked me."

"That sniper is just sitting way in the back plicking people."
#plick #plicking #plicked #shot #shoot #shooting
by GrayWolf October 22, 2013
To hastily remove (a creature) off someone's person; a combination of flick + pick
Oooh!! There's this big spider on you. Let me plick it off.
#flick #pick #remove #creature #plick
by Alys31 January 04, 2008
Manx slang for the word prick
want to fight like, you plick?
by Moi September 01, 2003
verb: The act of scratching an itch, usually a bug bite, so vigorously it begins burning, resulting in worse irritation than before.
It felt so good when I was scrathing that mosquito bite on my leg, but then once I stopped, it started stinging, and I knew I had gone and plicked it.
#itch #plick #scratch #skin #elmo
by Larry Jameson June 26, 2007
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